These Watercolor Tattoos Are Gorgeous

Feb 12, 2016 at 11:27 am |

You're going to want one

South Korean pop culture is exploding worldwide: Makeup and skincare, K-Pop, soap operas and now tattoos.

There are lots of bad tattoos out there. Even celebrities have visited not-so-great tattoo artists. Anyone can put ink on skin, but it takes a true artist to do it well. Check out Korean shop Aro Tattoo, where tattooist Silo creates amazing work. Instead of the traditional black outline, Silo uses soft colors to create these soft, amazing works that look like watercolors. While this style isn’t new, Silo takes it to a whole new level.

watercolor tattooo 005

Source: Instagram @tattooist_silo


You’re going to want one of these beauties.

I am green with envy