These 12 Texts Will Remind You Why You Broke Up With Your Ex

Nov 22, 2014 at 1:37 pm |

#10 is so crucial!


Texts From Your Ex

Source: Instagram @textsfromyourex

Breaking up is had enough, but what comes after can be much worse. Blaming each other for who wronged who, one can get pretty bitter. Not to mention, it hurts. Getting over a breakup and broken heart sucks and takes a vast amount of time to do so. The absolute worst thing to do when trying to get over your ex is text them.

Whether it’s a sober or drunken text, that’s not the way to go. Here are some examples that’ll remind you why texting an ex is not the best thing.

Texting an ex is never a good thing to do, and here’s why…

Remind yourself why your ex is your EX