The Truth Behind Michael Jackson’s Anti-Gravity Illusion Is Shocking!

Oct 22, 2014 at 4:44 pm |

The King of Pop Had a Few Major Tricks Up His Sleeve

You don’t just become the King of Pop, you have to earn it, and Michael Jackson was a total innovator when it came to the music industry. Aside from becoming the father of the contemporary music video, MJ created a whole new vocabulary of dance moves that would become integrated into pop culture. Who out there hasn’t tried out the ever-famous moonwalk? Or how about the best-dance-sequence-of-all-time from “Thriller”?

One of Michael’s most epic  (and confounding) moves was the gravity-defying lean that he introduced in his music video for “Smooth Criminal.” In the video directors and designers used wires and special effects, but Jackson wanted to take the move on the road, so he had to develop a special tool to help him perform the smooth move…

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Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal

Source: YouTube/michaeljacksonVEVO


The King of Pop had a few tricks up his sleeve…

Here's the truth behind MJ's magic moves...