The Research Is Clear… Homework Is Hurting Our Kids

Mar 11, 2016 at 11:12 am |

Is Homework Actually Helping Our Kids at All?

Isn’t it funny that while we make progress and modernize so many aspects of our daily life, school has remained virtually the same for decades? Sure, technology now has a huge place in the classroom, with districts shifting their focus towards math and computer sciences, but the same old schedule and the same old routine your kids go through each day are practically unchanged since you were in middle and high school.

Daily schedule aside, how about the mindless hours kids spend on homework each night? Teachers are required to assign certain amounts and hours of out of school work to students each day or week, if only to fill a quota. But is this system cutting it?

New research from Duke University has confirmed what any kid will tell you about homework… and schools definitely won’t like the sound of it!

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Whether you’re for or against hours of homework, you can’t argue with these statistics.

Here's what the study finally proved...