The Best Benefits of Being Ugly

Feb 1, 2017 at 3:56 pm |

The perks to being unattractive...

Good looking people have it really rough: They are constantly getting hit on or catcalled. Alone time is a luxury. Their personalities generally suck. They never know if people actually like them or only like the way that they look. They have to question every compliment they receive. By far, the worst of all, their iPhone batteries die faster due to excessive selfies. They live in constant fear of not being near a phone charger.

Ugly people have none of these problems. The ugly ducklings of Reddit share the wonderful perks that come with having an ugly face.

Man with paper bag on his head next to woman

Credit: Frantisek Czanner/Shutterstock

Being ugly isn’t so bad!

Being ugly has it's perks!