‘Teen Mom 3’ Mackenzie Snapchat’s Her Son Kissing a Dead WHAT?

Feb 1, 2017 at 12:50 pm |

That's pretty gross

We never really got to know Mackenzie Mckee from the one season of Teen Mom 3, but we have kept up with her as much as possible through the years. She gave birth to her third baby last year, she’s going through a rough time with her husband right now, and she’s a muscular fitness guru. She’s also a great mom who was just trying to help out another new mom when tragedy struck, and her son couldn’t handle it.


Source: Instagram @mackenzietaymckee

Mackenzie Mckee seems to be doing well now, but one member of the family sadly passed away, and her son just couldn’t get over himself.

You want to go "aww" and "eww" at the same time.