Teacher Does an Innocent Cartwheel, Now Facing Police Charges

Feb 3, 2017 at 3:44 pm |

Turns out it wasn't that innocent...

When you think of a teacher, you either think of your most inspirational and encouraging ones, or your most down right disappointing. Unfortunately, teachers in America fall all over this spectrum. We’ve heard of teachers going above and beyond to create an environment of well being like this man who learned a unique handshake with each of his students or a woman who begins her day by empowering her students, encouraging them to “Push Through”. Then, *sigh*, we have teachers who put a movie on every single day in the classroom, or talk about their sex life in front of students, or engage sexually with their students. While this teacher didn’t go so far, she’s still facing charges.

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Did NOT want to see that!

See what she did!