Summer Hacks: How to Heal a Sunburn

Aug 25, 2015 at 12:36 pm |

Try these naturally soothing sunburn remedies

Nothing is worse than getting scorched by summer’s rays.

That’s no reason to stay out of the sun. There are simple home remedies to heal that summer sunburn that are easy and effective. Don’t let a throbbing burn force you to cover up this year. Patches of splotchy, noticeable red areas can be painfully embarrassing. Instead of resorting to hibernation, try these naturally soothing remedies at home.

Avoid the bane of your summer fun and treat those sunburns the old fashion way.

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Photo by Marko Marcello / Shutterstock

These natural, soothing remedies to heal sunburns in no time.

Reliable Sunburn Remedies