Here’s How Suge Knight Is Being Treated Inhumanely in Jail

Feb 23, 2017 at 4:08 pm |

Not so sweet

According to his son, Suge Knight is having a tough time in prison. After some recent incidents that ended up with Suge being locked up for a long time. Suge’s oldest son, Suge Jacob Knight, visited his father in jail recently and had a story to tell. He doesn’t believe that his dad is being treated fairly in prison, and not only that, but he thinks that his dad’s case should really be seen as a “self defense” case instead of murder. You be the judge.

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Credit: Mark Mainz/Getty images

Suge Knight is definitely known for doing some terrible things. But when it comes to his treatment in jail, is he being treated fairly?

What did Suge do this time?