Revealing Facts About Victoria’s Secret

Sep 22, 2015 at 5:11 pm |

Keep abreast of this notoriously sexy brand.

Even though most people can’t see what we women are wearing underneath our clothes, it’s still fun to sometimes feel sexy – even if it’s a secret from the outside world. Victoria’s Secret has become an underwear and lingerie giant based on this premise. They design everything from basic and simple to outrageous and revealing. Whether it’s simple cotton or lacy straps, they’ve got you, and the market, covered.

It seems like almost every single American woman owns something from Victoria’s Secret. In recent years the underwear giant has become synonymous with lingerie, sexy and supermodels. Learn about it’s simple beginnings to the backstage secrets of the infamous Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.


adriana lima victorias secret store

Credit: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Did you know Victoria’s Secret was started by a man?

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