Retired Officer’s K9 to Be Auctioned Off Like Property

Feb 2, 2016 at 4:35 pm |

Officer Hickey Considers Ajax Family

A bond between a police officer and his K9 companion goes beyond words. Not only is that dog still “man’s best friend” but an officer entrusts his or her safety to that dog every day while they’re on the job. Chances are they would take a bullet for each other (Turner and Hooch forever!) Needless to say, they’re inseparable. So when Marietta Police Officer Matt Hickey readied himself for retirement, he had every intention of taking his K9 counterpart Ajax into retirement with him. After all, he’s practically a member of his family. But officials in Marietta had different plans for Ajax…

k9 ajax

Source: YouTube @CBSN

The city compared the dog to a “shovel.”

Find out why Ajax is being put up for auction and how you can help...