Rescue Dog Makes Unlikely Best Friend: A Baby

Feb 17, 2017 at 4:22 pm |

A Perfect Friendship

Weezy, a little Italian greyhound, used to live at an animal shelter in Alberta. She had a very hard time being adopted because she was extremely timid and afraid of virtually everything. When she was just a pup, Weezy would go into fearful hysterics at the squeak of a chew-toy and even because of a few flies.

After a couple returned the timid greyhound to the shelter after a day, claiming they couldn’t handle it, an Alberta woman named Sarah Mavro decided the poor pup needed another chance.

Once Weezy met Mavro’s newborn baby Evan, the dog found purpose and learned to love again. Just by looking at Weezy’s Instagram, it’s plain to see that the pair have grown to be the very best of friends and the two of them together might be the absolute cutest thing on the planet.

Weezy the dog

Source: Instagram @weeztheig

Weezy was a rescue dog who couldn’t catch a break until she met her unlikely best friend, a 7 month old baby!

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