Eat Everything Pumpkin Spice Right Now!

Sep 16, 2015 at 10:57 am |

It’s pumpkin spice latte season y’all!

It’s officially that time of year, so wait no more! The pumpkin spice latte is here and being served to your hearts content. This will be the first year that the coffee chain will be using real pumpkin flavoring this fall.

Due to Labor Day falling a week later this year Starbucks officially pushed back the release of their popular seasonal beverage. This caused an uproar among pumpkin spice fans and with good reason.

Since the pumpkin spice flavor is causing such a craze we got to thinking about all things pumpkin spice to enjoy this fall. The possibilities are endless, we can all go into pumpkin spice comas before the holidays. To us, a pumpkin spice OD is totally worth it. We’ve been waiting all year for this so we are going to get out kicks before winter. No judgement if you decide to stock a separate pantry with these goods. We gotta get through the season!

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Pumpkin Cookies

Source: Pinterest @lisaadamko

Can you live without pumpkin spice?

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