Health Hack: 12 Ways to Prevent Bloating

Aug 28, 2015 at 2:33 pm |

A flat belly is within reach!

Nothing is worse than the discomfort and physical appearance that comes with bloating.

Bloating makes our pants too small causes us in pain and has a running in the opposite direction of a bikini. There are ways to prevent bloating since it’s most commonly intestinal gas and not water weight like we are lead to believe.

It’s important to note that bloating should not be confused with extra pounds of stomach fat. We are talking about the abdominal bulge that plagues everyone and has the most inconvenient timing.

Fear not because bloating is manageable and we will explain what steps to take to prevent the discomfort in the future.

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Credit: Image Point Fr/Shutterstock

Credit: Image Point Fr/Shutterstock


Flat bellies for everyone! Bloating prevention is simple with these steps.

Find Ways to Manage Bloating