Popular Kids Activity Causing Serious Health Problems

Feb 11, 2016 at 11:11 am |

Warning! Graphic images!

Being a kid is so much fun. You have endless energy and just want to climb, slide and run. Physical activities are extremely important for children’s creativity, growth and physical well being. But many parents are already rightly paranoid about their kids getting hurt because they are so physical.

We all know that kids are little germ factories, but their bodies are pretty resilient. Except in some cases, where such a harmless activity of fun could turn life threatening. If parents didn’t have enough to worry about, this new case of infection is worrying parents and will have you second guess sending your kids to parties, carnivals and other festivities.

staph infection 001

Source: Flickr @chrstphre campbell

You’re gonna need more than hand sanitizer.

Please take a second to read and prevent this from happening to your child.