Police Officer Caught With His Pants Down On The Job!

Jan 28, 2016 at 6:34 pm |

This Guys Is Getting His Freak On With Our Tax Dollars!

To protect and to serve, that’s the job description of a police officer. But when’s the last time you called your local law enforcement official for a good time? Yeah, that’s right – sex.

This New Mexico state police officer is in hot water after he was caught with his pants down on the job – outside, in broad daylight, in full uniform. The New Mexico State Police Department has yet to comment on the story, but news sources have obtained the photo, and the evidence really speaks for itself.

You Won't Believe What They Caught a Police Officer Doing To This Woman On The Hood Of His Car

Source: YouTube @whitehousebrief’s channel

This guy was caught with his pants down while he was getting paid with our tax dollars!

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