Plus-Size Yoga Instructor Proves There Is No ‘Yoga Body’

Feb 9, 2016 at 11:53 am |

Namaste: My Soul Honors Your Soul

Often, when we think of yoga, we think of petite, sculpted bodies lithely moving around the mat, lifting themselves off the floor, out of their physical beings, and into a space of mental clarity.

When we see perfect little yogis in their yoga pants, somehow looking graceful while we struggle and sweat trying out even the most basic of positions, it might turn us off from yoga as a whole, reinforcing the idea that yoga, like most exercise, is only for the fit.

Dana Falsetti is changing all of that.

dana falsetti yoga intro

Source: Instagram @nolatrees

“I have done some questionable things in my life, but I have never regretted getting on my mat. Not once […] It’s always exactly what I need. When I’m lacking motivation, I just remember that I’ve never felt worse after practice. So I just do it. Just because it’s good for me and I know I need it. No matter what does or doesn’t happen.”

“Many people think they need to be thin, flexible, or strong to practice yoga. Please, hear me when I say that yoga is for everybody. Bodies change and evolve every single day, and the physical practice is simply a manifestation of the internal change. “

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