Pinterest Gives Birth to Hot New Trend: ‘Placenta Art’

Jan 15, 2016 at 5:59 pm |


Placentas have been trending hard in the news lately. From Kim Kardashian’s controversial freeze-dried placenta pills (said to aid with postpartum depression, energy levels, and lactation) to the more recent trending photo of a Maori mother’s child that included the umbilical cord and placenta still attached – complete with the word “love” spelled out with the cord itself – the desire to give resonance to the life-giving organ in the digital world has been growing. While showing some love to the placenta by either consuming it (placentophagy) or moving through important rituals surrounding its disposal or burial have a deep cultural history in other places around the globe, in the Western world we typically just incinerate them.

Nevertheless ‘birth art’ has become all the rage on the web these days, and new moms everywhere are coming up with ways to keep their placentas around for good – if not physically, symbolically.

The fact is, while childbirth is “beautiful” symbolically, it’s not very lovely aesthetically. At least not by your average standards. There’s a lot of blood, gore, screaming and poo involved. Jezebel writer Tracie Marrissey suggests that maybe the newfound interest in the organ DIY market could be related to our contemporary obsession with documentation.

Whether you think it’s nasty, or the most natural thing in the world – here are a few placenta projects moms have been trying out. There are even a few growing business dedicated to processing your placenta for you!

baby with placenta

Credit: Emma Jean Photography

“Putting the ART in PostpARTum!”

What would you do with your placenta?