Pictures Of Parents Meeting Their Babies For The First Time

Feb 17, 2016 at 5:23 pm |

Photographer Presents 'The First Moments' Of Life

Bringing new life into the world is indescribable. The moment a new parent lays their eyes on a child they helped to conceive and deliver is filled with such a full array of emotions that maybe it can only be described through witnessing the miracle itself. How else could you encapsulate the thousands of feelings and thoughts buzzing through such a beautiful experience?

Dutch photographer Marry Fermont attempts to convey what can’t be described in words through a series of stunning images called The First Moments. The profound collection of photos captures instances of discovery, joy, surprise, fear and serenity radiating from the faces of families who have just welcomed new members into their arms.

parents meet their baby for the first time

Credit: Fermont Fotografie

“The moment your baby is born. After all the hard work, after waiting so long you finally hold your baby in your arms,” writes Fermont about the scenes she tries to capture in her work as a birth photographer.

Find Fermont’s gorgeous series after the jump and don’t forget to visit her website or her Facebook page to follow her work!

This one’s a cry-fest. So beautiful.

You'd better grab a tissue...