Parents Say They Love Their Kids but Despise Parenting

Feb 13, 2017 at 3:40 pm |

It's not as easy as some parents make it look

Birth rates are falling in most parts of the world. While that frightens some people, it elates others. The world population exploded from less than one billion people, since the dawn of man, to well over 7 billion people, since the 20th century began.

For whatever reason, people are having less and less children. Maybe because some fear that the planet can’t handle too many more humans or because some people have a hard time taking care of themselves, much less others… either way, judging by these distraught parents, less pregnancies are a good thing.

Raising offspring takes a huge toll on a person emotionally, physically, mentally, and financially. Not everyone with this immense task is happy with having it. Even though they dearly love their children, some parents feel that parenthood isn’t for them after all.

mom depressed next to crib

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Whoever said that children are a blessing may not have actually raised kids of their own. Sometimes it gets downright depressing.

Some people completely lose their lives to their children