Parenting: Mom VS Dad

Jan 15, 2016 at 4:00 pm |

Dads Are Still From Mars, And We're Not Sure Where Moms Are From...

Mom and dad always had their own unique way of getting things done – one thinks like a man, and one thinks like a woman. And when their parenting powers combined, they’re unstoppable. But naturally, while growing up you always knew who to go to when you wanted something, when you were in a spot of trouble, or when you were just plain hungry. Let’s celebrate the awesome differences in male/female parenting, while keeping in mind that we could could really learn a lot from one another (let’s be honest, mostly the men from the women.)

dad plays video games while child sleeps

Source: Reddit @Djekyl

#7 is so true it hurts!

Do these moments look familiar to you?