Niece Insults 600-Pound Reality Star After Losing 200 Pounds

Feb 17, 2017 at 3:41 pm |

Fed Up With Her Fat

After accompanying her 55-year-old aunt Diana Bunch on a grueling 1,900 mile road trip to receive treatment for her morbid obesity, Megan is fed up with the task of keeping Diana on track to lose weight.

During an uncomfortably tense scene from TLC’s reality show My 600-lb Life that first aired on Wednesday, February 15, the flustered family member expressed her frustration within earshot of her struggling aunt. As she unloaded her sentiments to her husband, Diana looked hurt and surprised to hear her once-caregiving niece lash out.

According to the woman’s doctor, Dr. Nowzardan, it was actually Megan and her family that enabled the obese woman’s overeating habits in the first place. On prior episodes they admitted to catering to Diana’s eating impulses, supplying her with junk food and frozen meals.

The conflict arose when Dr. Nowzardan approved Diana for gastric-bypass surgery only on the condition that her niece remain in Houston, almost two thousand miles from their home in Seattle, to provide support.

my 600 lb life diana and megan

Source: TLC

Pushed to the brink, the niece of a morbidly obese woman feels she can’t take it anymore.

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