This Mother Is Empowering Moms Everywhere by Showing Her Postpartum Belly

Feb 21, 2017 at 5:49 pm |

Yay for body positivity!

The female body is a truly incredible thing. As women, we have the ability to create and grow a human inside of our bellies! How crazy is that?! Of course, in doing so, it completely changes our bodies. Some women find it discouraging.

After going through such a dramatic physical transformation. There will be consequences. However, the “consequences” don’t necessarily have to be negative. As a mother, you are a beautiful bad*** that just gave birth to a human being. There is no room or reason for being uncomfortable in your own skin. That’s the message one blogger is trying to get across.

Check out her amazing story as she shows off her beautiful postpartum belly!

mom shows of post partum belly compilation


Dr. Julie has an important message for discouraged moms!

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