Most Unusual Cause of Death by State

Sep 24, 2015 at 5:06 pm |

What’s your states most distinctive cause of death?

Did you realize the most distinctive cause of death is different in each state? A new map released by the journal Preventing Chronic Disease, Public Health Research, Practice and Policy breaks down the most distinctive source of death for each state. The map covers everything from syphilis to tuberculosis.

It’s no surprise that black lung is a leading cause of death in coal heavy states and influenza gets the best of people in cold-weather areas but you may be surprised the leading cause of death in your own state. This research could possibly lead to preventive solutions to proactively treat what causes death in each state. It’s strange that 3 states rate higher than average in “legal intervention” meaning a person with legal authority has used deadly force in death. You’ll never guess which three states rank the highest. Remember these are not the most common causes of death, these are the ones with disproportionately high number’s in a state compared to the national average. We have collected some of the most interesting common causes of death by state.

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Map of Distinctive Deaths

Source: Pinterest @huffingtonpost

You won’t believe which 3 states rank highest in death by “legal intervention.”

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