Most Bada$$ Tattoos In The NBA

Jan 25, 2016 at 11:13 am |

The Tattoo Game Is Strong On The Court

Approximately 55% of players in the NBA are covered in some kind of ink according to NBA tattoo watchdogs, which means that during all those timeouts or periods spent on the bench there’s a lot of solid art to check out. But who’s nailed the half-court short when it comes to their tattoo? Many of them started tatting up at a young age, but these boys have money now, and they’re looking to tell their story through their ink. So while it’s difficult to whittle down the best of what we’ve seen, some of them have to be called out for their artistic genius…

chris andersen tattoos on his neck

Credit: Instagram/@chisandersen

Chris Andersen’s ink is mad y’all…

Which player's tats do you recognize immediately?