Mom Calls Out Store For Absurdly Short Toddler Shorts

Feb 11, 2016 at 6:03 pm |

Who Wears Short Shorts? Not Toddlers.

American moms may be struggling with snowballs and snowboots for the children this time of year, but down in the southern hemisphere Australian moms are busy buying their children summer wear. Shorts for everyone! Well, except for one mom who was rightfully dismayed when she found that the only shorts available for her daughter that season at department store Big W were obscenely short. Instead of going quietly into the parking lot, she took a photo of the shorts and then took to the retailer’s Facebook page about the sizes of shorts available for her toddler…

toddler girls short shorts

Credit: Facebook/BIGWaustralia

Who wears short shorts? Not toddlers.

“Little girls are not sex objects. Gender bias is disgusting.”