Mom & Adorable Daughters Recreate Oscar Movie Scenes

Feb 25, 2016 at 11:14 am |

This Mom Really Nailed Playtime

When you’re not allowed to actually SEE the year’s biggest Academy Award contenders because you’re too young, how else do you get involved in all the pre-Oscar hubbub?

Mom Maggie Storino has involved her adorable daughters in an extremely creative way over the last few years by helping them create their own versions of the Best Picture contenders since 2011. Since the girls could barely crawl they’ve been imitating the likes of Jeff Bridges from True Grit and Bryce Dallas Howard from The Help. And this year they’ve continued their time-honored tradition — they’ve even added an adorable new face to the mix!!

kids recreate revenant

Source: Tumblr/@dontcallmeoscar

Cutest. Oscars. Ever.

Cutest. Oscars. Ever.