Migos Is Still Trying to Prove They Aren’t Homophobic

Mar 10, 2017 at 1:01 pm |

Does working with Frank Ocean clear their name?

Migos still can’t seem to shake their comments on iLoveMakonnen’s sexuality from a few weeks ago. The Atlanta-based rap trio is now trying to clear the air further by justifying that their work with Frank Ocean solidifies the fact that they are not homophobic. Due to the mysoginistic nature of most of their lyrics, it was easy for everyone to attack the group and peg them as anti-gay, a problem the hip hop community has only started to address in recent years.

The question now is whether or not their mere association with someone who represents the gay community (if Frank Ocean even does this) was just a ploy to shake their homophobic allegations, or is it a genuine testament to how they really feel. Read on to get the full story!

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Source: Instagram @migos

Migos members are claiming their collaboration with Frank Ocean should disprove any notion they are homophobic, but their comments on iLoveMakonnen coming out of the closet make us unsure…

What's their logic on all this?