Meet The Woman Lifting Objects Using Only Her Lady Parts

Feb 8, 2016 at 2:10 pm |

I Pick Things Up And I Put Them Down

New fitness fads are constantly taking over the internet: our grandmothers used vibrating waist belts, our mothers worked out to Jane Fonda videos, and these days, who knows WHAT the kids are doing to stay in shape. What’s a zumba?

One California woman thinks that she may be onto the next big thing in strength training, and let’s just say her “feminine” exercises are less than traditional. Kim Anami is a self-described “intimacy coach” who splits her time between LA and Bali, and she exercises her lady parts by inserting a jade egg you-know-where, to which she attaches string that connect to other objects that she plans to lift. See the image below for a clearer mental image.

Kim Anami lifts objects with her vagina

Source: Instagram @ kimanami

Kim says that since starting these unique exercises, she’s noticed a number of benefits, including in her sex life, her health, and even the appearance of her skin! She also says that there is absolutely no risk involved, as long as you’re not a complete fool about it. “You start small and work your way up like you would in any weight lifting regimen. You wouldn’t just go and bench press 300 pounds. You start small and work your way up.”

Do you even lift?

Keep reading to see Kim in action, and to hear what a medical professional has to say about her daring workout routine!