Like Big Sis, Like Little Sis: Kylie Shows Her Cheeky Side on New Instagram Page

Mar 3, 2017 at 12:36 pm |

See her nudey booty!

Here at Zest Vip, we aren’t gonna lie, we’re pretty obsessed with the Kardashian clan. We follow every move they make on Instagram and Snapchat, re-watch episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians over and over again, and try to learn any new detail we can about their lives. Nope, not creepy at all.

As the family gets older, it’s becoming more and more clear how similar Kylie and Kim are becoming. They have similar tastes in style, and now it looks like Kylie is finding a love for taking it all off for the camera. Like the rest of the world, we never mind when they decide to share a little extra skin, and last night, the youngest sibling of the Kardashians delivered!

Kylie Jenner

Source: Instagram @kyliejenner

Well that’s a full moon if I ever saw one…

Take a look at the cheeky pic!