Know Your 8 Kinds of Mustard from the Mustard Seed

Jun 1, 2015 at 12:20 pm |

From Dijon Mustard to German Mustard, how well do you know this classic condiment?

With all the mustard varieties, how acquainted are you with this beloved condiment?


(Photo by Instagram / chamnixtr)

As a food condiment, our darling mustard is one of the oldest dressings. The creation of mustard is made by mixing the ground seeds of a mustard plant with a selected liquid, and the choice of these seeds and liquids make up the combinations that we know today.

As we enter this special grilling season, take a moment to absorb the mustard options you might be presented with.

With all of the varieties of mustard, how well-acquainted are you with this beloved condiment?

What's your mustard of choice?