Keke Palmer Says Trey Songz Is Sexually Inappropriate Towards Women

Feb 24, 2017 at 4:21 pm |

Back and Forth

Keke Palmer recently took to the radio to speak out and openly taking some shots at Trey Songz. The former Disney actress and the “Na Na” singer seemingly used to be friends, but that time might be over.

Trey Songz is known to get extremely sexual and womanizing in his music, and it may have come back to haunt him. Now the two are fighting over who wanted what when it comes to an appearance in Trey’s new music video for his song “Pick Up The Phone”. Keke says one thing and Trey says another. Who to believe?

Skip Bolen trey songz new orleans essence festival

Credit: Skip Bolen/Getty Images

Keke and Trey used to be good buds, but it seems like things have taken a turn for the worst.

What are they up to now?