Justin Bieber: ‘God Told Me to Get My Act Together.’ So Why’d He Do THIS?!

Jan 8, 2016 at 3:29 pm |

Is This Really a New Bieber?

Bieber has achieved one of the greatest career rebrandings the pop world has ever seen. (Take notes Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes — this is how it’s done.)

He’s managed to go through a catastrophic meltdown pocked with DUI’s, arrests and major moments of public ignominy, pull his music into hibernation during the backlash, and return to fame by literally telling the world how “Sorry” he is through a hit single. While some would hand his publicists a trophy for their incredible work, Bieber recently came out saying that he credits God for his (career) salvation. But have things really changed? It looks like Bieber might be up to his old bad habits again…

justin bieber and hailey baldwin

Source: Instagram/@justinbieber

Is Bieber back to his old behavior already?

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