Is Kendall Jenner In Hot Water With Taylor & Cara Over Her Relationship With Harry Styles?

Jan 13, 2016 at 8:05 pm |

We're So Confused About Harry Style's Relationship History, We Had To Make an Infographic...

Tensions are running high with Kendall Jenner’s A-list crew after the cat recently slipped out of the bag that she and One Direction singer Harry Styles have reignited their steamy romance. Now that her half-sis Khloe and Ellen Degeneres have both confirmed that Kendall’s still writing “I <3 Harry” all over her diary and even dropped everything to fly out and canoodle with him over New Years on a yacht, it’s no surprise that her other celeb besties (AND HARRY’S EXES!) have something to say about “Hendall” becoming official!

In fact we were so confused about everyone involved in this relationship, that we decided to simplify things by making our own infographic…

harry styles and kendall jenner infographic

Credit: Eamonn M. McCormack / Stringe, Anthony Harvey / Stringer, Matthias Nareyek / Stringer, Kevin Winter / Staff, Mark Davis / Staff

This love triangle just turned into a ring of fire…

NOT COOL KENDALL. What do Taylor, Cara and Gigi have to say about "Hendall?"