Is Kailyn Keeping Isaac From Javi?

Jan 31, 2017 at 1:29 pm |

Javi doesn't have a legal right to his former stepson

It can be tough when a family goes through a divorce, but it can be even harder when those families are blended. Bonds form regardless of DNA, and stepchildren can feel as close to a stepparent as their real parent, especially if the children are very young. Isaac knew exactly how bad that felt when he was disallowed from going to Javi’s new house when Lincoln got to stay over there.

Kailyn and Her Children

Source: Instagram @kaillowry

Divorce takes a toll on the entire family, even when those leaving the house aren’t blood-related. But does that mean that an innocent child should suffer?

When parents split up, it gets hard deciding who has a right to what.