‘Impractical Joker’ Joe Gatto is Expecting Baby No. 2!

Feb 9, 2017 at 12:25 pm |

Will it be a boy or a girl?

Joe Gatto from the extremely popular show Impractical Jokers just announced that he and his wife Bessy are expecting their second child! The reality star and his wife celebrated the news on Instagram with a picture of their daughter and the family pets captioning it, “Make room girls! Baby brother Gatto will be crashing our tea party this summer! #ahumannotapuppy #babynumber2”

joe gatto pregnancy announcement

Source: Instagram @joe_gatto

So it’s a boy! We couldn’t be more excited for them! Joe and Bessy had their first daughter, Milana in May of 2015 and are very apparently loving parenthood. They have bragged and gushed and appreciated every new milestone with their daughter and have shared the most special moments on Instagram. It really is a special daddy-daughter relationship.

Joe Gatto cooking in the kitchen with his daughter

Source: Instagram @joe_gatto

We especially love this photo from December of the duo cooking in the kitchen. He captioned the photo writing, “My gorgeous helper in the Christmas kitchen. Love this little one #daddysgirl.” How cute! We seriously can’t wait to greet him. Hopefully this means that Joe will be passing his show off to his son (in case Milana doesn’t want to follow that specific career path).

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Will it be a boy or girl?