Hilarious Selfie Fails

Oct 26, 2015 at 11:36 am |

Vanity is the original and deadliest of the seven sins — and also the funniest

If there’s a smartphone, you’re pretty much guaranteed to see a selfie on it. In the last few years people have become so self-centered that they want their faces everywhere with everything. Sometimes people forget to enjoy the moment because they are so focused on their own faces.

It seems every social media profile has a selfie, but the ones that stand out are the poorly executed ones. We’ve all seen selfies where girls are trying to act sexy and don’t quite take into account their surroundings. Or the dapper dude who thinks he looks classy in the public bathroom mirror. Take a gander at 18 of the best of the worst selfies.

woman taking selfie in bathroom with man on toilet

Source: Facebook/Selfie Fails

It’s hard to look at yourself the same way again.

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