Here’s How You Create A Sexy Snapchat (9 Lessons)

Jan 27, 2016 at 2:59 pm |

A better new way to sext

Snapchat is very simple. Take a 1 to 10-second picture or video that will self-delete after 24 hours. No one can save your posts to their phones. And if someone takes a screenshot, you’ll be alerted with who exactly did it. Perfect use for sexual social media, right?

So. Let’s talk nudes and naughty pics.

Sending sexy photos through Snapchat messages gives you much more control. You have a bit more protection by knowing if your photo has been seen or saved, and the image will disappear after a few minutes. Also, Snapchat comes in handy in long distance relationships. Naughty snaps can help keep the passion alive until you’re together again.

Here's How You Create A Sexy Snapchat (9 Lessons)

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Here’s how to get lucky during your late night Snapchat session…

Follow these guidelines to send the perfect provocative snap.