Gross Habits We ALL Have (When No One’s Watching)

Dec 8, 2015 at 6:17 pm |

We're All A Little Nasty Sometimes

We’re always quick to judge one another for our cleanliness, class and social decorum — looking down on those who break the code in public. From the man who you caught picking his nose in the safety of his own car, to the woman who accidentally drops a handful of tampons from her purse on the subway, we love to laugh and forget that we’re all actually farting, sneezing, B.O. producing animals. Here’s a friendly reminder that we’re all a little bit gross at times, and there are a few nasty habits that no one is exempt from (yes, we’re talking about you Queen Elizabeth).

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man peeing in the shower

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You totally do #3. Admit it.

Admit it already, you do them all don't you?