Frito Chili Cheese Bombs | Frito Pie Bombs Recipe

Mar 9, 2016 at 12:41 pm |

Worth giving up your diet for.

Bombs are my favorite food. You take delicious bread, stuff it with various deliciousness and then deep fry it. Who doesn’t love deep fried stuff? Un-Americans, that’s who!

Frito Pie Bombs

Credit: Consumed Media

Enter the Chili Cheese Bomb starring Fritos! It’s a Frito Pie in bomb form. It’s go all sorts of textures and flavors: Cheesy, crunchy, spicy, gooey. Sure, you eat regular chili with some Fritos sprinkled on, but why would you deny yourself a better deep fried version?!

You kids will love these Tex Mex treats. You can alter the spiciness to your taste and even add in your own extras like onions or meat.

Worth giving up your diet for.

Easy peasy recipe in your mouth!