Freezing Your Genitals is A Real Thing Now

Mar 2, 2017 at 3:52 pm |

What Happened To Heating Things Up?

Leave it to the sex-enhancement industry to come up with something like this…

It turns out Cryotherapy, the process of exposing yourself to extreme cold, is actually beneficial for your nasty bits. By dropping your genitals to -165 degrees, one UK spa’s liquid nitrogen treatment leaves clients with “tighter and younger” looking genital skin and higher sex drives. After your skin freezes, receptors pump more blood than ever before, making you more responsive to touch.

Who would have thought cooling it down could actually heat things up!

Source: Twitter @theainscowspa

Source: Twitter @theainscowspa

Turns out a spa in the UK has introduced a procedure that drops your genitals well below freezing temperatures… then leaves you hotter than ever before!

Would you try something like this?