Father Reunited With Son Who He Presumed Was Dead

Feb 2, 2016 at 12:24 pm |

A Brilliant Moment Of Light And Love Amidst War and Conflict

There are certain aspects of human emotion that connect us all. No matter what country we live in or what our belief systems we adhere to, we all have inside us a basic desire to live out our lives safely, surrounded by the love of our families.

A heartwarming video originally released in 2013 has seen a viral resurgence because of the power of its content. In the clip a Syrian father is reunited with his son who he believed had passed during a chemical attack that claimed the lives of other Syrian children.

dad reunited with son

Source: YouTube @hadi hdhod

If you have a child, I promise you’ll hold them closer tonight after watching this video.

No matter how different we might be, this video serves as a reminder that our similarities are what matter most.