Fat Joe Sued by Co-Founder of His Sneaker Store

Feb 24, 2017 at 1:36 pm |

Over a Quarter-Million in Credit Fraud

Rapper Fat Joe is being taken to court by Scott Spina, the 19 year old co-founder of his NYC shoe store that opened on November 5 of 2016. Since opening, the store’s credit processing company Cayan is claiming that Spina is guilty of credit fraud and owes $318,815 in fraudulent charges.

The lawsuit doesn’t name Fat Joe but rather his LLC, All The Way Up LLC, which he co-founded with Spina. Now Spina, who is claiming the rapper has been cutting him out of the business since opening a few months ago, is going after Fat Joe for the cash.

fat joe

Credit: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Fat Joe’s NYC sneaker store is being sued for over $300,000 in fraudulent charges. Now his former business partner is going after him.

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