Fast Food Items We’d Like To See In Supermarkets

Jan 27, 2016 at 11:29 am |

Listen up fast food restaurants!

OMG, you guys! McDonald’s is selling their Big Mac Sauce by the bottle! However, it’s only available in Australia. Way to let your home country down, Mickey D’s. We’re a culture that is seemingly obsessed with limited edition things, so of course McDonald’s only made 4,000 bottles of the stuff.

Each bottle retails for only $4.95 USD, so Aussies are buying them up to resell them at higher prices. It’s no wonder because two years ago McDonald’s released the Secret Sauce only on eBay and one fetched about $18,000! It’s not so secret now that the ingredients are listed on the bottle.

So I got to thinking: What else would be awesome to have at home? White Castle has their burgers available and Arby’s has their curly fries, why not more fast food restaurants? Especially for people like me who don’t own a car to get drive-thru at midnight, you guys are losing my monies!

dominos pizza

Source: Instagram @ajle1989

Could we please get these noms at home?

I need these now!