Dying Las Vegas Police Officer Claims 2Pac Paid Him 1.5 Million Dollars.. To Help Fake His Death!

Dec 24, 2014 at 4:59 pm |

Is he really alive?


Tupac Faked Death

Source: Imgur

Following the death of legendary rapper Tupac Shakur (aka 2Pac), questions of his death being faked quickly rose. Some say the rapper’s death was staged simply because there were no autopsy photos from the night of the shooting.

Tupac was killed September 13, 1996 in a drive-by near the Las Vegas strip at the tender age of 25. Now, nearly 20 years later, a detective has come forward, claiming that the deceased rapper is in fact alive.

A former Las Vegas police says the late-rapper paid him handsomely to help fake his own death. On his deathbed, he confesses to what happened.

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