The Duggar Family Finds Themselves in Yet Another Scandal

Jan 26, 2017 at 12:35 pm |

That's not an easy thing to get over, even if it's not true

The Duggars have weathered some tough blows that, no doubt, hurt their reputation with their millions of fans and tested their faith, but they seem like they just keep moving forward. Though they seem to be keeping their names squeaky clean right now, someone very close to them has been ousted as a criminal, at least that’s what the courts said. This man is trying to clear his name, but the damage may be too extensive.

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Credit: Sarnsernsirikul Panupan/Shutterstock

While Josh is staying out of the spotlight, another man that has close ties to the Duggars was once accused of doing something pretty terrible.

Should Jim Bob and Michelle allow this man around their kids?