Did Drake Bite XXXTENTACION’s “Look at Me” in New Track?

Feb 20, 2017 at 1:08 pm |

The Florida Rapper Takes A Shot at Drake

Drake has been busy on his “Boy Meets World Tour,” which has been on its European leg. (Remember when he tried to talk a guy out of committing suicide in Manchester?) Over the weekend he performed in Amsterdam to a sold out crowd, during which he debuted an untitled, unreleased sound clip of some Drizzy ‘new-new’. Once fan-uploaded video clips from the song reached the net, it caught the attention of up-and-coming Florida rapper, XXXTENTACION, and he was’t very happy.

XXXTENTACION has scored recent traction with the hip-hop world after releasing “Look at Me” on Soundcloud in December of 2015. Since then he’s gotten over 20 million plays on the streaming site and millions more on YouTube.

The trouble arose when XXXTENTACION caught wind of Drake’s new untitled song and started going off on Twitter, claiming the OVO ‘Jumpman’ bit off his “Look at Me” track. Even going as far as calling Drake a “P***Y N***A” amongst other disses.

Read on to check out the new track from Drake and find out if XXXTENTACION is just making noise or actually has a case.

drake and xxxtentacion

Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images; Soundcloud/XXXTENTACION

Rising star XXXTENTACION goes after Drake on Twitter, after Drake teased a new song that sounds almost exactly like his underground hit- “Look at Me”.

Did Drake rip off another rising star?