Does This Fitness Model Have A Better Booty Than Kim K?

Jan 14, 2015 at 4:52 pm |

Has The Queen Of Booty Been Dethroned By This Newcomer?

We see the Kardashians everywhere these days. They’re on billboards, they’re on every channel you flip to; they’re all over Instagram, they have their own apps, they endorse just about every product under the sun. So with such a bodaciously-blessed klan of booty kweens, it’s easy to forget that there’s a lot of booty out there in the world — and Kim and her sisters aren’t necessarily the best there is.

That’s where Laura Kopel comes in. Laura played on her varsity high school soccer team at Tarbut V’ Torah in Irvine, California. She definitely proved her chops as an athlete, earning her an exclusive shoot with Nike Soccer. These days, Laura documents her athletic fitness journey on social media, sharing her journey with her thousands of fans and followers.

But that’s not all Laura shares with us. Laura is an ordinary girl with some, ahem, extraordinary assets, if you catch our drift. It’s people like this that give the Kardashian a run for their (heaps of) money. When you see these photos, you’ll know what we mean.

Instagram Model Laura Kopel

Source: Instagram @thelaurakopel

On Twitter, Laura describes herself as a “female athlete on the rise pursuing dreams and inspiring yours one squat at a time.”

Meet our newest Instagram obsession: Laura Kopel.

Read on to let Laura's squats give YOU some inspiration!