Do You Spank Your Children? The Psychology Behind It Is Shocking!

Feb 1, 2016 at 3:17 pm |

How You Discipline Your Child Gives Insight Into Your Psychology and Their Development.

Corporal punishment has existed in cultures across the world since ancient times. From simple, open-handed slaps to more severe punishments, physically reprimanding others, often children, is often a natural and impulsive response; one that many parents still use today in the United States.

As more humanitarian campaigns such as the Committee of the Rights of the Child campaign for more limitations on corporal punishment, the culture around spanking or otherwise physically punishing a child has declined and become less popular, though some areas and groups still actively use the practice.

Have you ever spanked your child? Perhaps you were spanked or hit with a slipper, belt, or other household object growing up. Nearly twenty states still allow corporal punishment in schools to certain extents, and several recent studies show that a majority of Americans approved of spanking, but what effect does it have on the child?

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Many consider spanking a tried-and-true method in raising a child, but fewer experts are supporting the potentially harmful practice. Do you spank your child?

Find out why most experts don't condone the practice...