Delicious Pizza Burger Sliders

Jan 3, 2017 at 10:22 am |

So savory, so meaty

Now that the regular season of football is over, the playoffs are ready to start. This is crunch time as teams put their all into the games in order to make it to the big game in February. These games are more thrilling to watch, and you’ve got the game-day food to compliment your experience. These game-day pizza sliders are the perfect combination of savory pizza that you would be ordering anyway and convenient, meaty burgers. The best thing about our scrumptious pizza sliders is that they’re totally customizable. Just leave a section free of meat for your vegetarian friends, or add even more meat for your carnivorous buddies. Check out this delicious recipe now!

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This is the best way to celebrate the Super Bowl! We’re blending a hearty Italian favorite with an American classic so that you don’t have to call the Pizza Guy.

It's like an entire pizza in your mouth in one delectable bite.